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2 steps to service excellence

Our 2-step approach is the fastest way to achieving service excellence.

Step 1 - Service Insights

Service Insights is a comprehensive assessment of an organisation’s standards of customer service. It is designed around the people who experience service, your customers and employees, and provides the organisation with an accurate picture of its service standards across all of the 8 ISQS Service Dimensions.

We understand the importance of customer insight, placing customers at the heart of the business, and employee insight, promoting employee engagement and loyalty.Service Insights helps businesses identify the risks to their long term reputation, differentiating them from the competition, resulting in increased market share.

Step 2 - ISQS Certification

ISQS Certification is a valuable, independent endorsement of an organisation’s consistently high standard of service excellence. It is designed to be both rigorous and accurate, ensuring that only organisations that are truly customer focused gain certification.
Certification is assessed by a combination of:

  • Online Customer Insights survey.
  • Online Organisational Insights survey.
  • Review of your Service Improvement Action Plan.
  • Organisational Appraisal by an independent ISQS Assessor, normally conducted online.

A new service benchmark

The International Service Quality Standard (ISQS) is the new service benchmark for all organisations. It’s a universal quality mark, showing that your organisation has achieved the highest standards of service excellence. Service improvement, matched to the ISQS, increases customer satisfaction and customer retention, both of which impact positively on profit and brand.

Cutting edge data analysis

The ISQS is setting new standards in customer satisfaction, employee engagement and value-chain profitability. We ask the right people the right questions, and then apply cutting edge data analysis to provide clear, actionable insights.


  • Builds your brand reputation for service.
  • Enables you to measures and monitor service performance.
  • Pinpoints the specifc gaps that affect customer experience.
  • Acts as a catalyst for service improvement.
  • Helps create a customer focused culture involving every employee.
  • Independent validation of service achievement.