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Building a Closer Connection with Your Customers

by Charles Cridland The days where good customer service simply involved replying to emails within 24 hours and offering a telephone number are over. When it comes to customer service people expect higher standards than ever before. The big review websites and widespread use of social media have led to a revolution in consumer communications. Consumers have high expectations. They expect to be listened to and if you... read more

Can companies ignore Twitter?

Many senior service leaders are still failing to understand how damaging social network sites are to their businesses. Customers are generally not using social media to say what great service you have offered them, but, on the contrary, they go there to complain, just as I have done recently, because a company that I did business with continues to ignore me and my complaint. I will go into story-telling mode, and let you know... read more

Social Media: a Blessing, or Something to Fear?

I have just been reading about Edward Saatchi and his communications company "National Field" in this month’s Professional Manager journal. He promises to take social media into the world of business and change it as much as it has changed our private lives. "It’s becoming the Facebook for enterprise" says Saatchi. He goes on to say, "Many people tell us when they give a presentation to... read more