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5 steps to building a better relationship with B2B customers

Stephanie Edwards explores the typical deficiencies of customer service encountered by B2B customers - and how to rectify these shortcomings. Firstly let me emphasise that, whatever your job role in the business to business arena, you have customers. Whether they are external, an end-user, perhaps a large retailer or an internal customer, such as a colleague in the warehouse or in the procurement office, they are all... read more

12 ways to ensure your internal customers look after your external customers

One key leadership task is to create an environment in which your people can become passionate about your vision. Fortune magazine identified in the 'Top 10 Best Companies to Work For' that when employees were asked why they loved working for the best companies they didn't mention pay, reward schemes or advancing to a more senior position. In addition to ensuring that staff enjoy varied, interesting... read more

The pursuit of customer-centricity: What are service leaders - and where can I find them?

In the second part of her series exploring best practice in customer service, Stephanie Edwards looks at the challenges in defining and locating customer-centric leaders. Last month, I talked about service leaders and managers who can make or break an organisation's values (see The 10 strategy tenets for developing a customer-driven workforce). I intimated that a leader who successfully creates a customer-focused culture... read more