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Why Should Organisations Invest in Service Excellence?

More and more, organisations recognise that customers have a direct impact on customer loyalty. Service is now the differentiator, and it affects brand reputation and bottom-line performance. Yet many service leaders and managers still struggle to persuade their organisation to invest in customer service learning and training. In recent years, I have been asked the same question over and over again: “How do I obtain... read more

2012 Olympics - World class service fit for champions and visitors

Opportunity or threat to the UK Economy, will we be prepared to offer world class service to visitors in 2012? Preparations for the London 2012 Games are on track. Construction of the main venues and infrastructure in the Olympic Park is well underway. There is no doubt that the surrounding area will be transformed and that the Games will leave a legacy which will benefit many aspects of life including sport, culture,... read more

12 ways to ensure your internal customers look after your external customers

One key leadership task is to create an environment in which your people can become passionate about your vision. Fortune magazine identified in the 'Top 10 Best Companies to Work For' that when employees were asked why they loved working for the best companies they didn't mention pay, reward schemes or advancing to a more senior position. In addition to ensuring that staff enjoy varied, interesting... read more