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Acts of God and How They Affect Our Customers

Coming from an agricultural family, I always think of the farmers at this time of year. In particular, I recognise the impact that the weather can have on their businesses. My brother is a farmer, and currently he is worried about the lack of rain, which affects his crops and his animals. Last year, wheat prices increased dramatically on the global market—great if you have stored grain and are selling it, but not so good if... read more

Fast, efficient, service recovery is the only way to keep customers happy

I am following on from my last blog, in which I described the poor service I received from the company, Dreams, after my purchase of a top-of-the-range bed. I thought that you would like to know about the response I received from the company. The service recovery that I experienced, not only from the supplier, but also from the bed manufacturer, Millbrook, was interesting, to say the least. I certainly had not expected Millbrook... read more

How to Avoid Your Own Personal Recession:

Look after Your Loyal Customers and Make Them Feel Safe In this time of renewed uncertainty around the world, fears of another global recession have materialised. It could be even worse than last time, although hopefully, that will not be the case. It seems to me that everything has become unpredictable. In business, unpredictability is almost as big an enemy as the recession and the lack of growth opportunities. I was... read more

It's Valentine's Day: Love Your Customers (and Don't Stop Delighting Them)!

My name is Stephanie Edwards, and I am Director of Customer 1st International and a subject matter expert in customer service. I develop learning resources for companies to help them deliver exceptional service to their customers—and enhance their reputations as fantastic organisations to do business with. Recently, I have spent time supporting Accenture Academy in building some exciting and innovative new courses in... read more

5 steps to building a better relationship with B2B customers

Stephanie Edwards explores the typical deficiencies of customer service encountered by B2B customers - and how to rectify these shortcomings. Firstly let me emphasise that, whatever your job role in the business to business arena, you have customers. Whether they are external, an end-user, perhaps a large retailer or an internal customer, such as a colleague in the warehouse or in the procurement office, they are all... read more