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Moving Beyond Satisfied Customers to Raving Fans

I have discussed previously the importance of going the extra mile, but what does it actually mean for business organisations? What can we do to ensure that we maintain our base of loyal customers? We know we have to deliver on the promise—delivering to customers just what they have asked for. We also recognise the need to build excellent relationships with customers, making them feel special and valued. Many of us have... read more

Acts of God and How They Affect Our Customers

Coming from an agricultural family, I always think of the farmers at this time of year. In particular, I recognise the impact that the weather can have on their businesses. My brother is a farmer, and currently he is worried about the lack of rain, which affects his crops and his animals. Last year, wheat prices increased dramatically on the global market—great if you have stored grain and are selling it, but not so good if... read more

I’ve Been Thinking about Banks, Brands and Trust

As you may have heard recently, Sir Richard Branson`s Virgin Money has bought the faltering Northern Rock Bank in the UK. Already, many customers of other banks are moving across to Branson’s bank. When questioned as to why this was happening Richard Branson, simply replied, “People trust our brand.” I am convinced that all organisations should include trust as one of their values, but I question whether... read more