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Managing Customer Experience Across Service Channels

By Trevor Arden I suffered a series of very negative experiences as a customer recently when I interacted with a large European electricity supplier. My initial problem arose when I needed to conduct what I had thought would be a straightforward, commonplace transaction: transferring a domestic electricity supply contract from the builder of a new house to myself as the owner. Not only was there a mountain of paperwork for me... read more

Emotional Outcomes for Customers

In my last blog, we discussed Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) and how best to implement the proc-ess. I talked about the touch points where customers' overall perceptions of the level of service pro-vided by the organisation occur. As we are now acutely aware, each touch point makes a distinctive contribution towards customers' feelings. A bad experience can vary from something that customers find frustrating or annoying... read more

Customer Journey Mapping Can Identify the Reasons for Customer Complaints

Organisations continue to focus on improving the customer experience with the goal of increasing the lifetime value of customers, but for the customers themselves, real improvements to their experiences remain elusive for many organisations. Managers are still trying to understand customer experience, let alone measure it and pass benefits on to customers. A pertinent question is, “Are organisations really walking in... read more