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Customer insight: It's all in the detail

Two years ago we were handed the management of the Online Touchpoint NPS programme for our company with the brief of producing actionable insights for the website management team. The phrase ‘actionable insights’ is a term regularly heard as a Market Research professional and usually taken as a standard requirement. However, after taking a look through the data that the Online Touchpoint NPS survey produced, it... read more

Building a Closer Connection with Your Customers

by Charles Cridland The days where good customer service simply involved replying to emails within 24 hours and offering a telephone number are over. When it comes to customer service people expect higher standards than ever before. The big review websites and widespread use of social media have led to a revolution in consumer communications. Consumers have high expectations. They expect to be listened to and if you... read more

Managing Customer Experience Across Service Channels

By Trevor Arden I suffered a series of very negative experiences as a customer recently when I interacted with a large European electricity supplier. My initial problem arose when I needed to conduct what I had thought would be a straightforward, commonplace transaction: transferring a domestic electricity supply contract from the builder of a new house to myself as the owner. Not only was there a mountain of paperwork for me... read more

Emotional Outcomes for Customers

In my last blog, we discussed Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) and how best to implement the proc-ess. I talked about the touch points where customers' overall perceptions of the level of service pro-vided by the organisation occur. As we are now acutely aware, each touch point makes a distinctive contribution towards customers' feelings. A bad experience can vary from something that customers find frustrating or annoying... read more

The Voice of the Customer: Do We Really Know What Our Customers Think of Us?

Customers are consistently telling us they are not receiving good service! Why are many companies still not really listening to their customers? Poor customer service is costing UK businesses £15.3bn per year as customers defect. Organizations that become customer centric during (or coming out of) a recession have a great opportunity to increase sales and profit margins, and to gain market share over complacent... read more