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A Communication Strategy to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

As I write, I am residing in my beautiful villa in the Crevillente Mountains in Spain and was awakened this morning by a digger outside my gate, creating a long trench that was going to prevent me from escaping outside my front door. I did not know why they were there; I did not know for how long. For all I knew at that time, I could have been without water or electricity, but no one had bothered to tell me anything. It started... read more

Social Media: a Blessing, or Something to Fear?

I have just been reading about Edward Saatchi and his communications company "National Field" in this month’s Professional Manager journal. He promises to take social media into the world of business and change it as much as it has changed our private lives. "It’s becoming the Facebook for enterprise" says Saatchi. He goes on to say, "Many people tell us when they give a presentation to... read more