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Customer Journey Mapping Can Identify the Reasons for Customer Complaints

Organisations continue to focus on improving the customer experience with the goal of increasing the lifetime value of customers, but for the customers themselves, real improvements to their experiences remain elusive for many organisations. Managers are still trying to understand customer experience, let alone measure it and pass benefits on to customers. A pertinent question is, “Are organisations really walking in... read more

Developing An Outstanding Patient Experience

The role of the patient is no longer as a passive recipient of care. Nowadays doctors aim to ensure that patients are engage as fully as possible with their own health, care and treatments. There are also a number of initiatives designed to encourage patient involvement in the design, planning and delivery of health services.  Policymakers increasingly believe that encouraging patients to play a more active role in their... read more

Why Should Organisations Invest in Service Excellence?

More and more, organisations recognise that customers have a direct impact on customer loyalty. Service is now the differentiator, and it affects brand reputation and bottom-line performance. Yet many service leaders and managers still struggle to persuade their organisation to invest in customer service learning and training. In recent years, I have been asked the same question over and over again: “How do I obtain... read more

Service Resolution: Customers' Number One Priority

Every day we read about organisations that cannot handle complaints professionally. Managers often do not fully appreciate the opportunities arising from complaints: complaints are free consultancy, with customers volunteering to tell us what we are doing wrong. Sometimes, they even tell us what we need to do to resolve the issue. The problem I still see in some companies is that many of them regard complainants as a pain.... read more

The Voice of the Customer: Do We Really Know What Our Customers Think of Us?

Customers are consistently telling us they are not receiving good service! Why are many companies still not really listening to their customers? Poor customer service is costing UK businesses £15.3bn per year as customers defect. Organizations that become customer centric during (or coming out of) a recession have a great opportunity to increase sales and profit margins, and to gain market share over complacent... read more

It's Valentine's Day: Love Your Customers (and Don't Stop Delighting Them)!

My name is Stephanie Edwards, and I am Director of Customer 1st International and a subject matter expert in customer service. I develop learning resources for companies to help them deliver exceptional service to their customers—and enhance their reputations as fantastic organisations to do business with. Recently, I have spent time supporting Accenture Academy in building some exciting and innovative new courses in... read more

Social Media: a Blessing, or Something to Fear?

I have just been reading about Edward Saatchi and his communications company "National Field" in this month’s Professional Manager journal. He promises to take social media into the world of business and change it as much as it has changed our private lives. "It’s becoming the Facebook for enterprise" says Saatchi. He goes on to say, "Many people tell us when they give a presentation to... read more

I’ve Been Thinking about Banks, Brands and Trust

As you may have heard recently, Sir Richard Branson`s Virgin Money has bought the faltering Northern Rock Bank in the UK. Already, many customers of other banks are moving across to Branson’s bank. When questioned as to why this was happening Richard Branson, simply replied, “People trust our brand.” I am convinced that all organisations should include trust as one of their values, but I question whether... read more

Revolutionise Your Customers' Experiences and Transform Your Organisational Culture By Developing Your People

The festive season is a time when we think of others, show we care, and ensure that our family and friends know they are appreciated. It is a great motivator, and with 2012 here, perhaps we should also consider what we can do for our employees to show them, too, that we care about them and want to make their working lives fulfilled. I have worked in both the public and the private sectors, and for me, one thing that always... read more

2012 Olympics - World class service fit for champions and visitors

Opportunity or threat to the UK Economy, will we be prepared to offer world class service to visitors in 2012? Preparations for the London 2012 Games are on track. Construction of the main venues and infrastructure in the Olympic Park is well underway. There is no doubt that the surrounding area will be transformed and that the Games will leave a legacy which will benefit many aspects of life including sport, culture,... read more

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