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Acts of God and How They Affect Our Customers

Coming from an agricultural family, I always think of the farmers at this time of year. In particular, I recognise the impact that the weather can have on their businesses. My brother is a farmer, and currently he is worried about the lack of rain, which affects his crops and his animals. Last year, wheat prices increased dramatically on the global market—great if you have stored grain and are selling it, but not so good if... read more

Fast, efficient, service recovery is the only way to keep customers happy

I am following on from my last blog, in which I described the poor service I received from the company, Dreams, after my purchase of a top-of-the-range bed. I thought that you would like to know about the response I received from the company. The service recovery that I experienced, not only from the supplier, but also from the bed manufacturer, Millbrook, was interesting, to say the least. I certainly had not expected Millbrook... read more

How to Avoid Your Own Personal Recession:

Look after Your Loyal Customers and Make Them Feel Safe In this time of renewed uncertainty around the world, fears of another global recession have materialised. It could be even worse than last time, although hopefully, that will not be the case. It seems to me that everything has become unpredictable. In business, unpredictability is almost as big an enemy as the recession and the lack of growth opportunities. I was... read more

Service Matters to Nations, Not Just to Businesses

Service, whether good or bad, affects not only customers and businesses but also nations. Five years ago, I met a lovely man, Sam Ochapa, who made contact with me because of my involvement in everything to do with customer service. He had read my Best Practice Guides and some of my articles, and he thought that improvements in service could have a huge, positive effect on people in his much-loved home country of Nigeria. Sam... read more

Developing an e-Service Strategy to Meet the Needs of Customers

It is no quick and easy matter to implement service excellence online, but over the past few years, some of our favourite online bookshops, retailers, and the like have shown the way in making e-service a pleasurable experience for customers. Now that e-service—the delivery of business services to customers via the Internet—is commonplace, organisations need to review whether they have an appropriate strategy for... read more

Use Service Metrics to Drive Customer Centricity

Having an intention to achieve improvements in customer service is only a step on the road towards embedding customer centricity throughout all levels and areas of a business. Many of today's companies include customer service in their corporate mission and vision statements, and many also strive to deliver good service to customers during those all-important interactions and touch points. However, when we look at the end... read more

A Communication Strategy to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

As I write, I am residing in my beautiful villa in the Crevillente Mountains in Spain and was awakened this morning by a digger outside my gate, creating a long trench that was going to prevent me from escaping outside my front door. I did not know why they were there; I did not know for how long. For all I knew at that time, I could have been without water or electricity, but no one had bothered to tell me anything. It started... read more

Organisational Cultural Change: What Is Needed and How Do We Make It Happen?

Organisational culture has attracted wide attention from practitioners and academics during the past few years. Why is organisational culture so important, and why is it still so difficult to define? Perhaps it is because it is intangible; you cannot touch it or see it, but you certainly feel it and experience it within organisations. Organisational culture could be described as an atmosphere. Many consider it as a means by... read more

Recruiting and Developing Call Centre Employees with the Right Attitude and Behaviour

Around the world, call centres continue to expand as countries become more service-focused. In 2002, a Journal of Management article on call centres stated, "More than three percent of the US working population and almost two percent of the European working population were employed in call centres in 2002." Traditionally, call centres were owned and managed by the same organisation that ran the front office. Now,... read more

Emotional Outcomes for Customers

In my last blog, we discussed Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) and how best to implement the proc-ess. I talked about the touch points where customers' overall perceptions of the level of service pro-vided by the organisation occur. As we are now acutely aware, each touch point makes a distinctive contribution towards customers' feelings. A bad experience can vary from something that customers find frustrating or annoying... read more

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