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Customer Service and B2B

An interview with Stephanie Edwards What is the key success factor for customer service with B2B clients? The single most important element in managing a contract with a B2B client is staying close to your customer. This demands constant, accurate measurement of your service delivery standards - not just as an overall measure, but in detail across the various functions, teams and channels everywhere your organisation... read more

Time to ditch the annual customer service training day?

By Stephanie Edwards.  Should we move on from the one-day customer service training course? Although e-learning, in various forms, has been around for many years, it has begun to be seen as a primary method of developing a workforce. It has come of age. Many think that e-learning can now challenge classroom-based learning on equal terms. So is it time to ditch the annual half-day or one-day customer service training... read more

Customer insight: It's all in the detail

Two years ago we were handed the management of the Online Touchpoint NPS programme for our company with the brief of producing actionable insights for the website management team. The phrase ‘actionable insights’ is a term regularly heard as a Market Research professional and usually taken as a standard requirement. However, after taking a look through the data that the Online Touchpoint NPS survey produced, it... read more

Building a Closer Connection with Your Customers

by Charles Cridland The days where good customer service simply involved replying to emails within 24 hours and offering a telephone number are over. When it comes to customer service people expect higher standards than ever before. The big review websites and widespread use of social media have led to a revolution in consumer communications. Consumers have high expectations. They expect to be listened to and if you... read more

Managing Customer Experience Across Service Channels

By Trevor Arden I suffered a series of very negative experiences as a customer recently when I interacted with a large European electricity supplier. My initial problem arose when I needed to conduct what I had thought would be a straightforward, commonplace transaction: transferring a domestic electricity supply contract from the builder of a new house to myself as the owner. Not only was there a mountain of paperwork for me... read more

Do we pay enough for great service?

I read recently about the increased number of people now working in the service sector, and was intrigued to find out if pay and conditions for front line staff had improved in line with demand. I looked at the most recent statistics relating to numbers entering the sector, together with financial remuneration. I came across some interesting information on the subject. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics in relations to... read more

Can companies ignore Twitter?

Many senior service leaders are still failing to understand how damaging social network sites are to their businesses. Customers are generally not using social media to say what great service you have offered them, but, on the contrary, they go there to complain, just as I have done recently, because a company that I did business with continues to ignore me and my complaint. I will go into story-telling mode, and let you know... read more

Driving Innovation to Retain Competitive Advantage

I have spoken before about moments of truth and how critical they are to the customer's journey within your organisation, but my question today is, where does service innovation begin? I believe that customers have expectations of your organisation and the products and services that you supply, and so we need, if possible, to tap into their thoughts. What sorts of service improvements do customers anticipate? I remember a... read more

Moving Beyond Satisfied Customers to Raving Fans

I have discussed previously the importance of going the extra mile, but what does it actually mean for business organisations? What can we do to ensure that we maintain our base of loyal customers? We know we have to deliver on the promise—delivering to customers just what they have asked for. We also recognise the need to build excellent relationships with customers, making them feel special and valued. Many of us have... read more

Celebrating Great Customer Service

As you read this blog, exciting things are happening all over the world. And in organisations, both public and private, customer service leaders and managers are preparing to celebrate National Customer Service Week with their staff and customers. National Customer Service Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice. National Customer Service Week was... read more

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