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Customer 1st helps you deliver world class customer service

What We Do

Through transformational improvements in culture we help our clients deliver world-class service that improves brand loyalty, attracts and retains customers and reduces costs.

How We Do It

We are subject matter experts in customer service. We advise on a customer service strategy and framework to suit your specific organisation. We write and publish customer service learning resources to enable businesses and individuals to adopt a customer centric culture, thereby improving the customer's experience. 

  • Consultancy - With our partners in the UK Inspiring People, we support organisations (both private and public sector) to adopt a customer-centric approach and culture. 
  • Turtor - led, online accredited customer service qualifications - for strategists,managers and professionals.
  • Self Paced online accredited programmes for individuals, employers and training providers.
  • Cutting edge learning resources - we, together with Inspiring People,  offer both tailor-made and topic-focused learning materials - so whether you are a  learner or a trainer we have the materials you need. 
  • Self assessment tools - for those trying to get a handle on 'where they are' and 'where they need to get to' on the road to customer centricity. Stage 1 - Customer Insights, Stage 2 - ISQS Certification.

Why Are We Different?

  • We provide a complete solution for organisations that intend to become customer centric - consultancy, standards, training and culture change.
  • We deliver full, accredioted qualifications in customer service.
  • All our learning resources are mapped to recognised occupational standards.
  • We are the first company to develop online qualifications in customer service that are both tutor-led and accredited.

Where We Operate

We have both partners and clients across Europe, USA, South America, UAE, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, helping established businesses to boost their reputations through world-class customer service. We work with international partners that can show a good track record of delivering service excellence to clients - using our expertise and resources to raise standards globally. We have recently formed a partnership with Caroline Tan, Inspiring People, and Caroline will be heading up the UK business for us.

Trevor Arden at business award

Key Facts

  • We're members of: ICS, EduQual, & CMI
  • Our publications are mapped to the UK's National Occupational Standards for Customer Service.
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Our directors

  • Stephanie Edwards

    MA, BA (Hons), CMICS

    Stephanie Edwards

    Director of Customer 1st and subject matter expert for customer service in the UK Stephanie Edwards' qualifications include an MA in Marketing, BA in Business and Administration and a Certificate in Education from the University of London. She is... read more

  • Trevor Arden


    Trevor Arden

    Expert practitioner in learning & development, customer service and management Trevor Arden holds a Masters in Business Administration, is a qualified and experienced lecturer, trainer and online tutor. He has managed teams delivering high... read more