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We are subject matter experts in customer service. We advise on a customer service strategy and framework to suit your specific organisation. We write and publish customer service learning resources to enable businesses and individuals to adopt a customer centric culture, thereby improving the customer's experience.

We provide all the development tools - online qualifications, bespoke e-learning modules, blogs, books and e-books - that organisations and individuals need to transform service experiences for customers.

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Building a customer centric business

Building a customer centric business

Top level buy-in  Establish a deep understanding and commitment at the highest level of what a customer centric organisation looks like to a customer.

Customer insight  Base the customer service strategy on customer insight, collected using a range of feedback methods.

Customer service strategy  The organisation needs a clear, realistic plan to build its customer centric culture.

Customer centric processes  Processes for delivering service are the heart of the business and should be designed around customers.

Customer centricity learning  Individual learning and development will build the customer centric culture.

Reward and recognition  Reward and recognition supports initiatives to improve customer centricity.

Service performance management  Effective performance management enables the organisation to monitor progress towards customer centricity.